How to Deer Proof Your Garden!

Imagine driving through the river bottom on a quiet, early morning. You see a fawn and doe peacefully drinking from a winding stream. Deer are beautiful, majestic creatures…until they mess with your garden! Why can’t they just stay in the woods away from the garden that you put so much work into perfecting. Right?!  ButRead More

The Greenhouse is OPEN!

Stop by and see the many new varieties in our NEW Greenhouse at our new location in Redwood Falls, MN! You’ll find flowers, vegetables and all of your gardening needs! Annuals Perennials Several new varieties of succulents Garden Decor and Much More! Are you ready to start your garden?! ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

Mother’s Day: We Have What It Takes To Make Mom Smile!

Celebrate Mom this Sunday, May 14th! Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift?  Stop by Blossom Town, we have what it takes to make Mom smile! Fresh Cut Flowers Corsage Garden Center Plants, Flowers and Garden Decor Pottery Gift Certificates Gift Shop featuring Local Artists and more! Stop in, call 507-637-2943 or order online andRead More

Create a Miniature Fairy Garden Filled with Magic

Do you believe in the magic of Fairies? You can build an oasis of green plants, flowers and grass all alongside a beautiful path in the woods, just for your fairies and gnomes to call their own.  If you find these new Fairy Gardens as adorable as we do, you’ll be excited to know thatRead More

13 Items to Add to Your Spring Gardening Check List

Have you been dreaming of garden greens, colorful flowers and warm, sunny weather? For those of us who are gardening enthusiasts, spring means hitting the ground running and getting out in those gardens as soon as possible. Get your garden growing by checking these 13 items off your spring gardening to-do list. Check House Plants-Read More

Easy Creamy Cucumbers

Here’s an easy creamy cucumber recipe for your Summer picnics and get togethers. 3 – 4 Large Cucumbers About 1 Cup Miracle Whip 1 Half Small Sliced Onion (to your liking) Tablespoon Sugar Sprinkle Salt and Pepper Mix the Miracle Whip and Sugar in a bowl.  Mix in the cucumbers and onion. Chill before servingRead More

The Key to a Great Garden Starts in the Fall

The leaves are turning, the air is crisp and fresh…autumn is here. Take advantage of the beautiful scenery and perfect weather this fall and do some essential garden maintenance…it could be the key to a luscious garden next year. Plus you will have much less work to do when spring arrives, giving you more timeRead More

Care for your Summer Containers: Watering

Summer containers are are a fun and decorative way to display your flowers and plants.  Care for your containers is essential, here’s a great tip from Brad in the green house! To check for watering, stick your index finger into the soil to your knuckle. If you feel any dampness, hold off on watering. If itRead More

Plant Maintenance: Time for a Trim & Shot of Fertilizer

August is great time to do a little maintenance on your pots and baskets. A little trim of an inch or two all-around or off the top of the plants. A shot of fertilizer gives the plants a boost. We recommend Neptune’s Harvest Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer. It’s organic, easy-to-use, and not as strong-smelling asRead More

Vegetable & Annuals Sale at Blossom Town!

Stop by for our Vegetable Sale in the Greenhouse! 50% Off All Vegetables + 20% off Annuals You’ll Also Find: 50% off 2015 seed packet’s 25% off select containers See you in the Greenhouse – let’s get planting!

Greenhouse Open House – Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

Stop by and visit us at our Open House on Sunday, May 3rd from 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.! Register for drawings for Blossom Town Gift Certificates, enjoy refreshments and we will be introducing new Varieties along all of our Green House flowers, plants, succulents, vegetables, herbs and more! Join us in welcoming Kayleen Dahmes! Read More

9 Creative Ways to Turn Garden Pumpkins into Masterpieces

When Fall comes around kids and adults alike are mesmerized by the beautiful orange pumpkins that seem to pop up everywhere…in our gardens, on our neighbor’s doorstep and at our favorite local shops. Pumpkins are great just the way they are, but are fun to decorate too! Here is a collection of unique decorating ideasRead More

Our Top Picks For Fall Fabulous Plants!

As autumn approaches gardens start to look a bit drab as plants pass their peak and our homes become a little less sunny and bright. Luckily we have a few tip to share with you to keep your home and garden looking fabulous during fall. Below are our top picks for fall plants …enjoy! BestRead More

FYI.. Spring has been hiding inside at Blossom Town

We’re so glad Spring has sprung!  Stop in and take in the sights and smells of Spring in the Greenhouse!  

Spring is Here! We’re So Excited We Wet Our Plants!

Yeah for Spring!! Our plants and flowers are enjoying this beautiful First Day of Spring, we hope you are too! Stop in soon for some vitamin D and check out all of our plants, vegetables and succulents that are starting to really grow in the warm and sunny greenhouse!  Soon we will be planting!

Fall Mums Have Arrived!

Stop by the store to see our Fall Mums and other great outdoor fall decor!  

What Are You Harvesting From The Garden?

It’s that time of year where we get to enjoy fresh garden veggies and more! What are you Harvesting from the Garden? Jump on over to our Facebook Page and tell us in the comments and share a photo too!  If you don’t already like our Facebook page, be sure to join us in theRead More

Fun and Unique Items in our Greenhouse

Stop in today and check out the fun and unique items in our green house!  Do you have a unique pot or piece that you would like to add flowers or plants in?  We would love to help!  

Let’s Plant Potatoes in the Garden

Learn more about planting potatoes in your garden in the great article by article By Kathy Anderson of Gardening Articles. Potatoes, taters, spuds…call them what you will, potatoes are a staple in the diet of many people all over the planet. Potatoes are a nutritious, versatile vegetable, and they’re incredibly easy to grow. But beforeRead More

We’ve got a great selection of Heirloom Tomatoes!

Did you find a heirloom tomato at the Farmer’s Market that you liked?  We’ve got a great selection at Blossom Town – maybe you’ll find a new favorite!  We even have the ‘Chocolate Cherry’ mentioned in the Martha Stewart magazine.  They’re tasty and worth a try!! Heirloom Tomatoes (any seed before 1920) Moonglow 80 daysRead More

Vegetable Sale!

Stop in the Green House for our Vegetable Sale, going on now while supplies last! 33% of Vegetables Now $1.75 Each or $20 per flat.

Greenhouse Sale Going On Now!

Greenhouse sale going on now!  Annuals, Perennials and Vegetables are all 33% off now while supplies last!

Open House – Saturday, May 1st

Getting anxious to plant those containers and add color to your yard?  Thinking about how great a garden tomato or a fresh cucumber would taste? Stop by Blossom Town this Saturday, May 1st for our Open House!  Sign up for drawings and have treats and refreshments while checking out Spring in the greenhouse!  We have lots ofRead More

Planting Potatoes in your Garden

We’re exciting to get planting, especially seed potatoes!  Here are the varieties we carry in the greenhouse along with a few tips on how to get your planting started. Kennebec Late mid-season maturity, good all-purpose potato, excellent for storage. Yukon Gold Mid-season maturity, yellow flesh – buttery flavor, stores well. Norland Early season, great forRead More