We’ve got a great selection of Heirloom Tomatoes!

Did you find a heirloom tomato at the Farmer’s Market that you liked?  We’ve got a great selection at Blossom Town – maybe you’ll find a new favorite!  We even have the ‘Chocolate Cherry’ mentioned in the Martha Stewart magazine.  They’re tasty and worth a try!!

Heirloom Tomatoes (any seed before 1920)

80 days – 3-4 oz. fruit dense, meaty
Sweet with a hint of tartness

Bloody Butcher
55 days – clusters of 2-3 oz fruit
Deep red (blood red)
Strong tomato flavor – very tasty

Large 10 oz fruit – pink colored flesh
Meaty – good for canning 

Chocolate Cherry
70 days – 1” diameter – Extremely flavorful 

Black From Tula
80-85 days – 3-5” diameter
Chocolate brown flesh – Very flavorful

85-90 days – 5” and larger – Meaty-mild flavor – Orange/Yellow with red streaks 

90-100 days – Large, up to 1 ½ pounds
Rosy pink fruit – Considered the world’s best flavored tomato

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