How to Deer Proof Your Garden!

Deer in Garden

Imagine driving through the river bottom on a quiet, early morning. You see a fawn and doe peacefully drinking from a winding stream. Deer are beautiful, majestic creatures…until they mess with your garden! Why can’t they just stay in the woods away from the garden that you put so much work into perfecting. Right?!  But the fact is, our backyard is their home too!

Here at Blossom Town we often get the question, “How can I protect my garden from deer?” Our first response is always, “Put up and 8 foot chain link fence!” Not a bad idea but probably not exactly the kind information they were looking for.

Here are some unique deer proofing methods to try:

  • Purchase liquid fencing from a local retailer or online.  It’s an invisible spray defense and doesn’t require a ton a manual labor, but will keep deer out!
  • Install motion-activated sprinklers, lights or noisemakers. These are extremely effective deterrents because they scare the daylights out of the deer.
  • Build a fence. I know that we already mentioned this, but we wanted to share these elegant deer fencing options. It’s After all it’s the only sure way to keep them at bay.
  • Plant deer resistant plants. There is no such plant that deer will never eat but there are less desirable options like lilacs, ferns and shasta daisies.
  • Discourage deer with scents. You can use commercial repellents, moth balls, fabric softeners, onions, garlic or even fish guts. Predator urine is also highly successful. Varieties can be purchased online, or simply have your dog mark the area. Humans are also considered predators, so you could choose to take matters into you own hands. We prefer hanging a few bars of strong smelling soap around the garden…a slightly more conservative option. Plus when it rains your plants will be very clean.
  • Spread human hair in your flower gardens and hang stocking full of hair in your vegetable gardens. Keep this in mind the next time you go in for a haircut, maybe you will get a discount for taking the hair home with you!
  • Spray plants that you don’t want deer to eat with a hot pepper spray. Deer are not much for spicy foods, they prefer their meals to be on the bland side!

All joking aside, deer can most certainly destroy your garden in a short time. So if you are having trouble co-existing with the deer in your area, experiment with these deer proofing options and try to have fun with it!

What methods do you use to keep deer out of your garden? Which have you found to be the most successful?


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