Soil-FertilizerNow that the weather has become “normal” it’s time to think about fertilizing your garden and containers!

For most annuals, veggies and perennials a good all-purpose fertilizer (20-10-20) works well.  We’ve gotten great results from a fish & seaweed emulsion you mix with water.   It does smell a little but that goes away quickly.  The results, which you’ll see in a couple of weeks, are worth it.

Tropical plants such as hibiscus, mandevilla, jasimine are heavier feeders so we recommend feeding at 1/2 -1/3 strength of the directed dose every time you water.

Just remember to never fertilize when the soil is dry!

This could cause burning of the roots.  Either water thoroughly and then fertilize in few hours.  Or water one day, fertilize the next.

Also remember to always water your containers and baskets until the water runs out the bottom.  “Little drinks” of water will not reach the roots and actually do more harm then good in the long run.

Have more questions on fertilizing and watering your garden plants?  Leave a question for Brad in the comments below!

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