Surprise Your Sweetheart Before Valentine’s Day

Why wait until February 14th to express your love?! Your sweetheart will be surprised to receive something special before the traditional Valentine’s Day arrives.

Here are 10 romantic ideas and apps to get you started.


Valentine's Letter1.  Send flowers a day or two early! We create beautiful flower arrangements that are sure to make your loved one feel special.  We’re offering FREE DELIVERY on Thursday, February 12th and Friday, February 13th in Redwood Falls, MN.  Delivery to outside of Redwood Falls is available at a reduced rate.

2.  Send a card before Valentine’s Day that says “I couldn’t wait to say I love you!” or that you’re “Looking forward to celebrating our love.” Try using one of these apps Red Stamp or justWink (love the name ; ) to send a personalized paper or electronic greeting.  Just download them from your mobile device’s app store.

3.  Buy a thoughtful, unique gift and place it on your sweetheart’s pillow for them to enjoy right before bedtime. This is also a great idea for kids, they will jump for joy.

4.  Go out for dinner the weekend before Valentine’s Day. You can enjoy a nice meal without fighting the crazy Valentine’s Day crowd. Tell your sweetheart to dress for the occasion and keep the rest a surprise.

5.  Write romantic quotes on post it notes and place them in random spots around the house during the week of Valentine’s Day. Try finding quotes on apps like Love Quotes 500 or add a few one of a kind quotes of your own.

6. Create a special play list with songs that have meaning to you as a couple. Or set the mood for a candlelight dinner using the Pandora Radio app. You may even find yourself dancing before the night is over.

7.  Pour a glass of wine after a long day at work and enjoy relaxing. Then prepare a romantic dinner together. Make sure that you go the extra mile and buy the ingredients ahead of time. Pair the perfect bottle of wine with your home cooked meal using Hello Vino.

8.  Give a personalized gift certificate for something that your sweetheart enjoys like shopping, gardening , crafting or a day of pampering. Tickets to a concert, show or sporting event would also be a nice touch. Score extra romantic points by pairing it with a bouquet of flowers, a potted plant, card or something sweet like chocolate covered strawberries.

9.  Say I love you several times a year! Place “Always in Bloom Orders” with us and never miss an important date. We do the remembering so you don’t have to!

10.  Insert your idea here! You know your sweetheart better than anyone else; wow them with your creativity and personality. Changes are that is what they love most about you!

Be spontaneous this Valentine’s day! Celebrate your love early or all week long, your sweetheart will adore you for it!

More Ideas to Make Valentine’s Day Special

Make your Valentine’s Day Extra Special!

Plan ahead and shop online or call 507-637-2943 today to have a special delivery sent a day to two early!

Tell us, what are you doing for Valentine’s Day? Are you planning any early romantic surprises?

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