Create and Design your own Outdoor Christmas Decor: Tree Topper Containers

The elves at Blossom Town are busy making tree topper containers!! Thinking about making your own? Here are a few tips to help you create and design your own outdoor winter tree topper pot!

1.  Carefully pick your container; any type will work – from plastic to ceramic. You may choose to keep it simple, but don’t be afraid to use something unique that complements your other decorations or the style of your home. This could be rustic / primitive or perhaps a more formal urn.  If using your decorative ceramic pot from the summer, be sure to not put the dirt directly in the pot – use a liner.  Not using a liner will most likely cause it to crack when it freezes.

2.  Fill the pot with black dirt (not potting soil), packing it firmly. Begin to add your greens next.  The shape you create is personal preference.  We usually add taller spruce tops in the center and work down, keeping a typical ‘Christmas tree’ shape.  Its fun to use a mixture of greens such as white or shore pine for texture at the base, draping cedar over the edge of the container is a great look too.

3.  If you’re going to add lights, now is the time! Note:  Don’t forget to leave the plug end to the back side!!

4.  Now decide on a theme; are you going for a ‘natural, woodsy’ look or do you want a little ‘bling and glitter’? The choices are endless and can be so much fun!  You can add dogwood or curly willow for height.  Go for a walk and pick up some interesting weeds or pine cones.  Birch has been popular recently, we often add pops of color with berries, eucalyptus and even magnolia leaves.  If you want a touch of bling, you could go shopping or search through your Christmas decorations.  Stars and other shiny ornaments work well.  Our favorite theme this year is the cute and adorable owls!  Whatever you decide to use, take the time to spray your decorations with a clear coat of acrylic spray. This will seal them from moisture and prolong the beauty of your container.

5.  When complete, add water to the dirt. When you put it outside it will freeze and hold everything in place when the cold winter wind blows.

Not sure how much you need?  We have ‘prepackaged’ mixed greens and decor for topper kits to help you get started!  Check out the photos below of outdoor decor containers our team has put together for inspiration!  Stop in at Blossom Town and see the latest in fun outdoor Holiday designs and themes!

Do you have a tip on decorating outdoor Christmas decor you’d like to share?  Leave it in the comments below!

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