Valentine’s Card Messages – What to Write to Melt Their Heart

With all of the love and sweetness of Valentine’s Day can also come a bit of pressure. Pressure to find that special gift, order the perfect flowers, make a reservation at the right restaurant, and write the right words to express how you feel about your special someone. Relax, we can help.

Here are 10 of our favorite valentine’s messages for your floral bouquet to inspire you to find the right loving words to add to your card.

10 Valentine’s Day Messages

  1. Valentine's Day Card Message Ideas

    With a girl like you – every day feels like Valentine’s Day!

  1. You’ll always be my one true love…
  2. Thank you for coming into my life – I can’t imagine a world without you!
  3. Thank you for your friendship – you make my heart happy!
  4. You make my heart smile!
  5. Thank you for bringing out the best in me!
  6. Thanks for loving me – even if I don’t shave my legs as often as you like!
  7. I was looking for someone I could live with – I ended up finding someone I couldn’t live without!!
  8. Just because your MY Valentine!
  9. You’re my favorite pain in the a_ _ !

Finally, when crafting your message, remember to be creative and personal. Build off of a favorite memory, an inside joke, or that moment that you first met. Most importantly, remember that they love you and will appreciate any thoughtful gesture.

Valentine’s Day Ideas

Here at Blossom Town, Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays. We love coming up with creative, thoughtful ideas to help wow your sweetheart, from flowers to gifts and sweets. Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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