Exciting things are happening at Blossom Town!  After being at our location on Bridge Street, in Redwood Falls, Minnesota since 1928, we’ve been busy preparing to move to our new location.  Our new building has been a bowling alley since 1958 and was most recently known as Hi-Way Lanes. It’s a little bitter sweet, but we’re excited to be embracing the history of both businesses and incorporating it into the design of the new space. We’re not quite ready to open yet, but we’re well on our way (scroll down to see construction photos). We’ll touch on this later, but first let’s talk about all of the benefits you’ll enjoy while shopping at our new location.

Benefits of Blossom Town’s New Location

We’ve been anxious to give you a sneak peek at all the changes happening at our new location. Transitioning the building from a bowling alley to a floral shop has been interesting and fun!  Here are a few of the exciting new benefits that shoppers and employees will enjoy.

  • Convenient Location – We are still right off Bridge Street but now we are located on a service road which will make parking and highway access much easier.
  • One Level – In our current location we held wedding consultations and met with funeral families on the second floor. In our new location, we will have everything in the store located all on one level making our services more accessible for all customers.
  • Happy Green Plants – At the new location green plants and blooming plants will be in the climate controlled main retail space and shopping area. Green houses can become uncomfortable in the heat for both plants and people. You’ll be able to browse our plant selection in a comfortable setting.
  • New Product Lines – We’re excited to have more space to carry new lines of gifts and decor. Look for new sympathy products, lotions and some Minnesota goodies too.
  • More Spacious – Our designers will now have ample space to work and be creative. There’s also more room to browse and visit while shopping. Having a more open floor plan for people, flowers and plants is an exciting part of the move!

Preserving the History of Both Locations

History is very important to us here at Blossom Town. So much so, that Becky’s dedicated a special area to it. You’ll have to come check it out – We think you’ll love it!

We’re also into repurposing!  Jesse built our designer’s work table using wood from the bowling alley floor. It’s not only meaningful and gorgeous it also much larger that our previous work bench. It went from 48” to 12’ long. We look forward to designing in this amazing space.

When you stop to visit, take a look around and you will spot repurposed materials (from both businesses) throughout our show room floor!

Definitely one of the best ways we preserved the history of the bowling alley was to keep two lanes functioning.  We just didn’t have the heart to remove them all. We look forward to using it for family fun and who knows…maybe some bowling for flowers in the future!

Opening This Fall

We are so appreciative of all the community support and interest in our new location. The good news is, we’ll be opening this fall! Keep your eyes peeled, we will be announcing our opening date soon. The entire Blossom Town Team is excited to share this experience with you!

Our new location will be at:

1025 E Bridge St
Redwood Falls, MN 56283

Check out the Construction Gallery



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