Do you know where Spruce Tree Toppers come from?

Have you wondered where all of those spruce tree toppers come from that we decorate our beautiful Holiday pots and decor with? 
The idea that these winter decorations are actually the tops of trees and harvesting them will leave thousands of mature trees standing topless is false!
These tops are actually shoots that emerge from the root systems of a black spruce tree growing in bogs where the water table is very close to the surface of the soil. These root sprouts are what are harvested and sold as “tree tops”. These unique evergreens add a special touch to our holiday decorating. They can be used to fill planters, hanging baskets and window boxes. We love to dress them up by adding red berries, bird nests, branches of dog wood and even Christmas lights and decorations.
Stop in today an check out the variety of unique decorations made from our Spruce Tree Tops, or purchase your own to decorate at your home!
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