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NEW Holiday Gift Sets – Delivered To Their Door!

If you're looking for the perfect gift this Holiday season, you'll love our new Holiday Gift Sets!  Our Merry Christmas Tins include your choice of an adorable Norfolk Pine tree or a succulent plant.  Sets can also include a drink cup - pick from multiple mug options (some with hot cocoa packets).  There's also a mini Merry Christmas tin set with Christmas ornaments perfect for … [Read More...]

Care for your Christmas Cactus

The Christmas Cactus is a beautiful blooming plant we love to have in our homes during the Christmas months. These plants have tubular papery blooms with reflexed petals that occur at the ends of flat segmented (chainlike) succulent stems. When mature, the stems form arching branches. Christmas cacti have smooth stem edges.  Here are a few tips to help keep your plant looking great! The … [Read More...]

Holiday Centerpieces and Flowers

Is it your turn to host Christmas dinner for the family this year?  Maybe you're attending dinner at a relatives and want to bring a beautiful gift?  Complete the dinner table with a floral centerpiece from Blossom Town.  We have a great selection of flowers and unique vases on display.   We can even use your own special and unique container or vase too! Order online, … [Read More...]

Create and Design your own Outdoor Christmas Decor: Tree Topper Containers

The elves at Blossom Town are busy making tree topper containers!! Thinking about making your own? Here are a few tips to help you create and design your own outdoor winter tree topper pot! 1.  Carefully pick your container; any type will work - from plastic to ceramic. You may choose to keep it simple, but don’t be afraid to use something unique that complements your other decorations or … [Read More...]

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