Pink! Pink! Pink! During the month of October we see pink everywhere in effort to build awareness of Breast Cancer.

Blossom Town joins the celebration with a very personal message – our owner; Becky Kuglin is a survivor herself! Please help us celebrate survivors and those in treatment – our desire is to brighten their day with a token of love and support.

We’re Sending 14 Complimentary Bouquets in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Why are we giving away 14 bouquets? Becky is a breast cancer survivor of 14 years and it is her way of celebrating!

Becky Kuglin, Blossom Town owner and Breast Cancer Survivor

I’m excited to be celebrating 14 years of being cancer free!  My wish is that by celebrating this anniversary with all of you, it sends a message of hope to those newly diagnosed.   It is with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude that I do this.  I’m most appreciative for the gift of faith from my parents – but those small tokens of thoughtfulness from friends and family were instrumental in my journey.  My intention is to spread those feelings of comfort and encouragement – I personally know it makes a difference!

In the past I have had the opportunity to read entries that tell amazing personal stories about amazing people.  Regretfully some have lost their battle through the years – my heart is heavy for the survivors of those loved ones, they are not forgotten.  May we all learn to make the most of each day, hug freely and never take anything for granted.

I would like to thank you in advance for participating, because regretfully, we all know someone who is “staying strong”.

Be a rainbow in someone’s cloud…

Breast Cancer AwarenessBecky Kuglin


Nominate your family member, friend or perhaps just someone you know that needs a thoughtful gesture – we can brighten their day with flowers and send a message that reinforces we are very grateful they are still in our lives! These bouquets will come from you and we encourage you to include a personal message.

Complete the form below with the name of a person that is dealing with breast cancer or is cancer free!

Ten people will be chosen at random to receive a bouquet of flowers from YOU, compliments of Blossom Town within our delivery area.

You can also submit your nomination by stopping in the store or mailing your nomination.

Learn more about Breast Cancer Awareness Month; visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation!


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